Copic Marker Drawing [Trial/Quick Random Work] Video

Far Eastern-inspired Drawing

Hi Everyone,
Here is one of my drawings. I don’t say that this is perfect but I like the way it looks, I am still practising and I think it looks cute.
This took me few hours, not too much,  I was watching movies and moving around when I was doing this, so I can’t count how many hours it took. Normally I’m sure It would took less to professionals than me. I like the asian girl’s kimono-like costumes skirt part the most. I am very happy with its colouring. Eventhought when I scan it it looked very harsh and darker than it is just like the face. In original, faces were less yellowish and more smooth than it is now. I will fix that problem as soon as I find good scanner.

I used Copic markers, White ink jelly pen, faber castell classic colours, Derwent coloursoft pencils

Paper Canson 120 gr in Custom Size

I hope you like it, It is really experimental and more focused on colouring so the figures are not so consistent, feed me with your comments and help me to feel motivated. Also feel free to comment below.

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Releasing Again!

I gave a break due to university. It was taking my all free time but this semestre I managed my programme and I have more freetime! So it means I will keep creating as I can!
I will both publish my  TSR creations and unique items only for here, so it’s better to keep your eyes on here :)

Enjoy xx

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Drawing Pencils Challenge : Military Love

Hi everyone! So this is the result of my drawing pencils challenge, I generally use markers for illustrations but this time

I challengemyself and decide to use drawing pencils!

Hope you like the results!
Template & Ideas & Drawing fully by me!
All rights reserved, please do not reupload withouth asking and giving a credit!
Simay x

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