Drawing Pencils Challenge : Military Love

Hi everyone! So this is the result of my drawing pencils challenge, I generally use markers for illustrations but this time

I challengemyself and decide to use drawing pencils!

Hope you like the results!
Template & Ideas & Drawing fully by me!
All rights reserved, please do not reupload withouth asking and giving a credit!
Simay x


I will turn out this website to my own blog but I will also post my sims custom contents! This illustration is done by me (also the template) !

Cut-Out Bandage Dress

Since My Already Released Dress deleted from tsr  because of age distriction (+13) you can find it on here! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)





Boho Cheeky Dress ♚

Nastro Dress

Flower Nation Outfit *

Fleur Jardin

Panaromic Dress ♠

Tropical Winds ~~

My Policy

I saw a website which hosts my creations, I don’t understand them!? The creations that I created for “Simsimay.com” are free and forever will be. Why did they need to re-upload them? Please keep downloading my creations here. (don’t need to download anywhere else?)

I’ll keep creating for you, thank you so much

Hugs, Simay  (:

Aloha ~ Dress

My Pink Soul Wants More Pinky Outfit

FA: New Year Party Dress

FA: Relax & Cuteness Outfit

               Click to zoom  Thanks simal10 for preview idea

                      Free DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)


FA: Knot Wood Heels (Shoes 03)

New Mesh and 2 Recolorable Parts, enjoy this cute heels

By Simsimay

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

FA : I’m a dancer (Set 02)

Includes a Sexy Leather Bra and a leather transparent unique leggings.

By Simsimay

Download (Top)

Download (Bottom)

New Theme!

My old theme wasn’t pretty and girlish like this theme.. It was very basic and not detailed, so I changed it!

I download this theme and edited its parts.  It means I did it or customize it. No matter…

I love this theme soo much, It’s not too useful but I like it..  I’ll use this theme until I get bored.

I hope you liked this theme too, what do you think ? Write your comments here!

Best Regards , Simsimay.com x

PS: I uploaded a SET and It’ll be published on 8th of  November,  don’t give up following my site.

FA: Christian Louboutin Boots (Shoes 01)

Above the knee stylish boots by Simsimay

For Adult / Y. Adults – Everyday / Formal / Sleepwear

rar/zip size :  380.77KB

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

FA: Staller* Dress (Dress 05)

New smart meshed super sexy dress for “Female Y. Adult and Adults”

rar/zip size : 642.61KB  Type : Sims3Pack  By Simsimay

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

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