Gioiello Jewelled Silk Jumper

Releasing Again!

I gave a break due to university. It was taking my all free time but this semestre I managed my programme and I have more freetime! So it means I will keep creating as I can!
I will both publish my  TSR creations and unique items only for here, so it’s better to keep your eyes on here :)

Enjoy xx

Jeisa Glamrock Outfit

Chain T-Strap High Heel Shoes

New Edited Mesh! First edited shoe mesh for Sims 4


Black Sensation Dress

 The Highest Quality Texture Guarantee!


Be Classy Outfit

Leona Dress

Cut-Out Bandage Dress

Since My Already Released Dress deleted from tsr  because of age distriction (+13) you can find it on here! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)





Boho Cheeky Dress ♚

Nastro Dress

Flower Nation Outfit *

Fleur Jardin

Panaromic Dress ♠

Tropical Winds ~~

My Policy

I saw a website which hosts my creations, I don’t understand them!? The creations that I created for “” are free and forever will be. Why did they need to re-upload them? Please keep downloading my creations here. (don’t need to download anywhere else?)

I’ll keep creating for you, thank you so much

Hugs, Simay  (:

Aloha ~ Dress

My Pink Soul Wants More Pinky Outfit

FA: New Year Party Dress

FA: Relax & Cuteness Outfit

               Click to zoom  Thanks simal10 for preview idea

                      Free DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)


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